World Economic Report 1951–1952

image of World Economic Report 1951–1952

World Economic Report 1951-52 highlights the major domestic economic changes in economically developed private enterprise economies, centrally planned economies and selected countries of Latin America and the Far East. The Report also studies the changes in international trade and payments in several major economic powers. From 1950 to 1952, these took place in a context of continuing international disequilibrium.




World Economic Report, 1951-52 is the fifth in a series of comprehensive reviews of world economic conditions published by the United Nations. These reports are issued in response to General Assembly resolution 118 (II), in which the Secretary-General was requested to prepare annual factual surveys and analyses of world economic conditions and trends. Like the earlier publications, the present report is intended to meet the requirements of the Economic and Social Council and other organs of the United Nations for an appraisal of the world economic situation as a prerequisite for recommendations in the economic field, as well as to serve the needs of the general public.


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