World Economic Survey 1955

image of World Economic Survey 1955

World Economic Survey 1955 reviews the growth of production and trade in private enterprise economies and the centrally planned economies during the first post-war decade. The introduction examines some of the major problems of balanced growth encountered since the war. The Survey also highlights recent developments in the world economy, covering the recent situation in industrially advanced and primary producing private enterprise economies, as well as in the centrally planned economies. The Survey briefly assesses the economic outlook at the beginning of 1956.



Production in the private enterprise economies

The post-war decade has witnessed a remarkable world-wide expansion of economic activity. After a decade of depression prior to the war, growth has become an overriding social objective in the private enterprise economies. The economic lethargy of the nineteen thirties has been shaken off, and the horizons of economic communities have been vastly extended. Governments have assumed new and increasing responsibilities for full employment, rising standards of living and economic development.


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