World Economic Survey 1966

image of World Economic Survey 1966

Part one: Implementation of Development Plans: Problems and Experience, offers a series of papers dealing with problems and experience in the implementation of development plans. The subject of plan implementation has figured prominently in recent discussions in international forums. The Survey reviews certain aspects of the experience of the centrally planned economies that may be relevant to the problems of plan implementation in developing countries. Part two: Current Economic Developments, covers the economic events of 1966 and early 1967, summarizing the principal developments in the world economies, including trade and production in all major regions, as well as institutional changes in the centrally planned countries. Furthermore, the Survey analyses the specific difficulties currently faced by developing countries.



Recent trends in world production and trade

The world economy grew in 1966 at a more satisfactory pace than at one stage seemed likely. Many of the sources of stress remained, however, a few were accentuated in the cour,se of the year's developments, and 1967 opened with many countries-including a number of important trading countries-under the influence of imbalances of various kinds. In some, the pressure of demand on domestic resources waS still excessive; in others the external deficit remained embarrassingly large; in some-including many of the developing countries-both forms of disequilibrium threatened.


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