World Economic Survey 1969–1970

The Developing Countries in the 1960s: The Problem of Appraising Progress

image of World Economic Survey 1969–1970

World Economic Survey 1969–1970 addresses the methodological problems that are involved in measuring progress in the developing countries. The Survey reviews the available data and suggests ways in which they might be used to throw light on the economic and social performance in the 1960s of the countries—both developing and economically more advanced—that will be implementing the International Development Strategy in the 1970s.




This report, World Economic Survey, 1969-1970, is the twenty-second in a series of comprehensive reviews of world economic conditions published by the United Nations. It is issued in response to General Assembly resolution 118 (II), in which the Secretary-General was requested to prepare an annual review and analysis of world economic conditions and trends. The report is intended to meet the requirements of the Economic and Social Council and other organs of the United Nations for an appraisal of world economic conditions which may serve as a basis for recommendations on economic matters. It is also intended to stimulate interest in and discussion of international economic problems among a more general public audience.


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