World Economic Survey 1973

image of World Economic Survey 1973

Part one: Population and Development. This report is the twenty-fifth in a series of comprehensive reviews of world economic conditions published by the United Nations. On the occasion of the World Population Year (1974), part one of World Economic Survey 1973 examines the recent interrelationships between demographic change and the process of socio-economic development. Part two: Current Economic Developments, presents and overview of world production and trade and analyses the three main features of the global economic scene in 1973—the rise in commodity prices, the world food situation and the world energy situation. It also examines the recent economic developments affecting the supply and use of resources and the state of internal and external balance in the world.



Recent economic trends in the centrally planned economies

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the centrally planned economies of Eastern Europe 1/ experienced a year of accelerated growth in 1973, the third year of the present five-year plan period, as the continued strong expansion in the Eastern European countries was reinforced by the recovery of the Soviet Union from the preceding year’s agricultural setback.


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