World Economic Survey 1980-1981

image of World Economic Survey 1980-1981

World Economic Survey 1980-1981 discusses the deterioration in the performance of the world economy in 1980, which was accompanied by a marked slowdown in the expansion of world trade, worsened imbalances in current accounts and an acceleration in the pace of inflation. Although some recovery in growth rates is anticipated beginning in late 1981, the pace is not expected to be vigorous. The poorer medium-term trend that has been in evidence since the mid-1970s is thus likely to continue.




Each year, in accordance with General Assembly resolution 118 (II) of 31 October 19^7, the Economic and Social Council, at its second regular session, holds a general discussion on international economic and social policy. In the general discussion, as specified by the Assembly, the Council considers “a survey of current world economic conditions and trends ... in the light of its responsibility under Article 55 of the Charter of the United nations to promote the solution of international economic problems, higher standards of living, full employment and conditions of economic and social progress and development”. The World Economic Survey 1980-1961 has been prepared to assist the Council in its deliberations at the second regular session in July 1981. The Survey is intended to provide the basis for a synthesized appraisal of current trends in the world economy, particularly as they affect the progress of developing countries. It is accordingly hoped that the Survey will also be of interest and use to other United nations bodies, to Governments and to the general public.


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