World Economic Survey 1985

Current Trends and Policies in the World Economy

image of World Economic Survey 1985

The crucial role of international trade in reinforcing global demand was evident in 1984, as the growth of world output gradually regained the pace of the late 1970s. Yet the geographical spread of the recovery remained limited, and economic growth in half of the developing countries was still so low that income per capita either continued to fall or stagnated. This uneven recovery, its sources and the policies conditioning its transmission, as well as its short-term prospects, are the focus of the World Economic Survey 1985.



Conclusions and recommendations for possible action on some key issues

The analysis contained in the present Survey points to a number of key policy issues on which the international community and Governments should take action. These are summarized below, with an indication, where appropriate, of the way in which current policies could be modified to improve the international economic environment and set the stage for sustained and broad-based expansion in the world economy. Both domestic policies and the international economic climate are vital factors for the success of adjustment in developing, developed market and centrally planned economies alike.


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