World Economic Survey 1988

Current Trends and Policies in the World Economy

image of World Economic Survey 1988

The growth of gross world product in 1987 was slightly above 3 per cent. Short-term trends indicate that the world economy will continue to expand during the next two years, but at a lower rate. The period ahead will be one in which multilateral institutions and traditional economic relations will be pit on a major test.



Selected indicators of the socio-economic attainment of women

Quantification of the economic activities of women is an important issue in the current discussion among economists and social scientists regarding the contribution made by different agents to the development process. The work of women is ignored in the accounts of the world economy when it is done in the confines of the family rather than the market-place. This invisible part of the world economy is slowly gaining recognition, although it is hard to assess because it does not have a market value.


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