World Economic Survey 1993

Current Trends and Policies in the World Economy

image of World Economic Survey 1993

The World Economic Survey 1993 is the forty-sixth annual report of the United Nations Secretariat on the major developments and issues in the world economy. Despite strong growth in a number of developing countries, in 1993, for the third year in a row, the growth of the world output will fall below the growth of world population.



Economic reform and the development of the non-state sector: A case-study of China

In the transition from a centrally planned to a marketoriented economy, China has chosen a policy of promotion ofthe rapidly growing non-state sector instead of one of privatization of state enterprises. This path towards a market economy, referred to as marketization, focuses on subjecting all production units regardless of ownership to market forces rather than to privatization of production. Indeed, the development of the non-state sector in the 1980s has been an integral part of the continuing and far-reaching process ofeconomic reform begun in 1978 in China. The following analysis presents the evolution of the non-state sector in the last decade and a half.


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