World Investment Report 2019

Special Economic Zones

image of World Investment Report 2019

This report focuses on special economic zones (SEZs) which are widely used across most developing and many developed economies. It explores the place of SEZs in today’s global investment landscape and provides guidance for policymakers on how to make SEZs work for sustainable development. It presents international investment trends and prospects at global, regional and national levels, as well as the evolution of international production and global value chains. It analyses the latest developments in new policy measures for investment promotion, facilitation and regulation around the world.




The World Investment Report 2019 was prepared by a team led by James X. Zhan. The team members included Richard Bolwijn, Bruno Casella, Arslan Chaudhary, Hamed El Kady, Kumi Endo, Thomas van Giffen, Kálmán Kalotay, Joachim Karl, Isya Kresnadi, Oktawian Kuc, Jing Li, Anthony Miller, Kyoungho Moon, Abraham Negash, Shin Ohinata, Diana Rosert, Astrit Sulstarova, Claudia Trentini, Elisabeth Tuerk, Joerg Weber and Kee Hwee Wee.


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