Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in East and North-East Asia

image of Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in East and North-East Asia

This publication highlights challenges and priorities of the East and North-East Asia subregion (ENEA) in implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Subregion comprises China, Japan, Mongolia, the two Koreas and Russia. It highlights the priority areas for ENEA as poverty reduction and safeguarding basic needs; enhancing energy efficiency and optimizing energy structure; addressing climate change; increasing resilience to disasters; enhancing resource efficiency; ecological innovation for growth; integrating population ageing in national development priorities, and development assistance. Statistical tables and graphs of the latest data of SDG indicators are provided.



Executive summary

East and North-East Asia (ENEA), as one of the most dynamic, innovative and fast-developing areas of the world, has made remarkable progress over the past two decades — with annual GDP growth higher than that in the Asia-Pacific region and the rest of world. The ENEA subregion is well advanced in achieving the Millennium Development Goals.


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