Assessing Environmental Impacts

A Global Review of Legislation

image of Assessing Environmental Impacts

This report provides an overview of the current status of national legislation and institutional arrangements of relevance to EIAs and SEAs across the globe, as well as emerging issues and trends. It does this primarily through providing examples from a wide selection of countries of their EIA/SEA arrangements and in relation to the different steps of the EIA/SEA processes. These steps include: (1) Screening; (2) Scoping and Impact Analysis; (3) Review of the EIA/SEA report; (4) Decision-making; (5) Follow-up and Adaptive Management and (6) Public Participation as a cross-cutting issue.



Legal and institutional frameworks for EIAs

The triggering factor for the EIA process is generally a government permitting or licencing process for different activities (often also termed development projects) that shape the environment. The permitting process seeks to regulate competing interests as well as alignment with government policies.


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