Business and Climate Policy

The Potentials and Pitfalls of Private Voluntary Programs

image of Business and Climate Policy
Climate change has become one of the most important and challenging global policy fields. Attention has primarily focused on the successes and failures of states and intergovernmental organizations but many more actors are involved and contribute solutions. The contributions to this book assess the different potentials of existing schemes. They scrutinize how very different programs at national and international levels seek to marry complex public and private goals in and across industries addressing wide groups of firms. Lessons from these programs can help design and improve programs but they also show different types of pitfalls. Lessons learned are relevant not only for climate policy, but for the many other policy fields where private voluntary programs are active.




Climate change is an important issue in global politics but it is often overshadowed by more immediate concerns that reach the headlines and demand instant action. The issue of climate change has, however, undergone an interesting development from being a problem debated almost entirely by highly specialist scientists a few decades ago to one that is today addressed by a range of political decision-makers as well as civil society groups and the business community.


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