Climate Change and Global Sustainability

A Holistic Approach

image of Climate Change and Global Sustainability
Climate change owing to global warming is a paramount concern for society in the 21st century, and it is not an issue that can be solved by individual academic or scientific disciplines working in isolation. Because climate change involves a wide range of interlinked problems, solutions must be pursued in an interdisciplinary manner. This book adopts just such a holistic approach in examining various aspects of global warming, and offers readers a comprehensive overview of the problem.



The conceptions of “environment” and eco-philosophy

“Environment” is an ambiguous, suggestive concept. In essence, an environment is something that encompasses systems (of people, things, organizations, lives, etc.) while existing alongside those systems. The environment is not the natural world in general. This notion of environment emerges clearly as a concept in European thought with the use of “environment” in Darwin’s evolutionary theory to mean the “set of conditions governing survival”. Living creatures do not inhabit the world as such. The “world as such” and “nature as such” are, as it were, conceptual constructs that come into being as objects of perception. And these constructs obviously only come into being when they have been isolated and separated from human life.


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