Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation for Coastal Transport Infrastructure

A Compilation of Policies and Practices

image of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation for Coastal Transport Infrastructure

This is a compilation of policies and practices that contribute to bridging a knowledge gap with regards to climate change impacts and adaptation for coastal transport infrastructure. It presents examples of legal and policy approaches, as well as of reports, studies and guidance to support climate risk, vulnerability and impact assessment, and the development of effective adaptation response measures for coastal transport infrastructure, with a view to informing and inspiring policy makers, national authorities, transport managers, infrastructure owners, and other stakeholders in their efforts.




This report was prepared by Regina Asariotis, Lenka Kruckova and Viktoria Mohos Naray, Policy and Legislation Section, Trade Logistics Branch, Division on Technology and Logistics of UNCTAD. To the extent possible updates to reflect information available as of November 2019 have been included. The UNCTAD secretariat gratefully acknowledges the contribution of all experts, collaborators and stakeholders that have participated in and informed UNCTAD's related research and analysis, expert meetings and technical assistance work over the past ten years, on which this compilation draws.


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