Environmental Dispatches

Reflections on Challenges, Innovation and Resilience in Asia-Pacific

image of Environmental Dispatches

This publication is a compilation of stories and reports by ten journalists from the Asia Pacific region on pressing environmental challenges and innovative actions on a broad spectrum of environmental issues - adaptation and resilience to climate change, access to and use of natural resources, mitigation of land-based pollution, solid waste management and energy efficiency, among others. It provides journalism students and individuals with a birds-eye view of the kind of articles, reports and investigative pieces that can be done to portray the state of the environment in the region, challenges and innovative actions as expressed through the voices of those at the grassroots striving to cope with environmental threats as well as within their communities




Asia-Pacific faces major environmental issues, from climate change and biodiversity conservation to resource resilience and water security. As the greatest consumer of natural resources, the region is experiencing the effects of increased waste and pollution as they take a massive toll on resource availability, livelihoods and quality of life for many families. Addressing the challenges that come with climate change appears enormous and often insurmountable outside of top-down global and regional actions. Yet, local governments and communities in the region are facing these challenges head on by developing and utilizing innovative solutions to climate change and many other environmental challenges.


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