Environmental Performance Reviews: Romania

Second Review

image of Environmental Performance Reviews: Romania

The second Environmental Performance Review of Romania takes stock of the progress made by Romania in the management of its environment since the country was first reviewed in 2001. It assesses the implementation of the recommendations contained in the first review. This second EPR also covers 10 issues of importance to Romania related to policymaking, planning and implementation, the financing of environmental policies and projects and the integration of environmental concerns into economic sectors, in particular the sustainable management and protection of water resources, waste management, climate change, forestry, biodiversity and protected areas. The publication is aimed at officials and experts working for public authorities responsible for environmental policy, representatives of civil society, the business community, academia and the media.



Sustainable management of water resources and protection of the Black Sea

Romania’s water resources comprise the Danube River (63 per cent), inland rivers (30 per cent) and groundwater (7 per cent). Although there are many (3,450) natural lakes, they account for an insignificant share of the country’s total water resources. Inland rivers are the most accessible resources and are distributed relatively evenly throughout the territory. Under normal climate conditions, internal surface water resources from the Danube River total 85 km3/year and from the remaining surface water resources, 40 km3/year. Groundwater share is estimated to be 9.6 km3/year. Usable natural water resources came to some 2,660 m3/capita/year in 2009 including the Danube River, and 1,770 m3/capita/year excluding it. Compared with other European countries, Romania’s upcountry natural and renewable water resources are small (Austria: 7,640 m3/capita/year; Croatia: 6,136; Lithuania: 3,818; Luxembourg: 2,727; Ukraine: 3,000). The total length of the water system in Romania is 78,905 km.


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