Environmental Performance Reviews: Romania

Second Review

image of Environmental Performance Reviews: Romania

The second Environmental Performance Review of Romania takes stock of the progress made by Romania in the management of its environment since the country was first reviewed in 2001. It assesses the implementation of the recommendations contained in the first review. This second EPR also covers 10 issues of importance to Romania related to policymaking, planning and implementation, the financing of environmental policies and projects and the integration of environmental concerns into economic sectors, in particular the sustainable management and protection of water resources, waste management, climate change, forestry, biodiversity and protected areas. The publication is aimed at officials and experts working for public authorities responsible for environmental policy, representatives of civil society, the business community, academia and the media.



Climate change

By signing the UNFCCC in 1992 at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, and ratifying it by Law No. 24 (1994), Romania has been part of the GHG mitigation effort since the inception of international cooperation on climate change. Romania’s commitment to tackle climate change continued. It was the first annex I country, i.e. a developed country or a country in transition, to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, via Law No. 3 (2001).


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