Environmental Performance Reviews: Turkmenistan

image of Environmental Performance Reviews: Turkmenistan

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) carries out Environmental Performance Reviews (EPR) in its member States that are not members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in order to improve their environmental management by recommending ways to achieve better policy implementation. This first EPR of Turkmenistan covers 13 issues related to policymaking, planning and implementation, the financing of environmental policies and projects and the integration of environmental concerns into economic sectors, in particular the sustainable management and protection of water resources, waste management, air pollution, forestry, biodiversity and protected areas, energy and climate change.



Air quality management

Air quality in Turkmenistan is mostly influenced by the geographical character of the country (deserts and semi-deserts which represent 80 per cent of the total area, and seashore), very low air humidity and generally good dispersion conditions. One specific problem lies in the increasing areas which are saline and polluted by dust blowing from the dried seabed of the Aral Sea to Dashoguz Province. Of the total agricultural land (40.2 million ha), more than 1.7 million ha (4.2 per cent) are affected by increasingly frequent salt dust storms.


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