Environmental Performance Reviews: Azerbaijan

image of Environmental Performance Reviews: Azerbaijan

Environmental Performance Reviews promote sustainable development throughout Europe. They present detailed studies on the environmental position of each country and examine the framework for environmental policy and management. This evaluation focuses on Azerbaijan.



Selected Caspian Sea issues

The Caspian is the largest inland body of water in the world, containing some 44% of the globe’s inland waters. Physically, the Caspian Sea is one of extremes. Its salinity varies greatly. Air temperatures are likewise extreme, from summer highs in the mid–30° C range to minus 20° in the north Caspian, causing icing each winter. Morphologically, the Sea is divided into three parts, the northern shallow part (average depth 6 m), the middle section with an average depth of 190 m (maximum depth 788 m) and the southern Caspian with a maximum depth of 1025 m. Although the basin is well oxygenated in general, the vast variations in river flow may contribute to periods of deep-water anoxia from time to time.


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