Environmental Performance Reviews: Bosnia and Herzegovina

First Review

image of Environmental Performance Reviews: Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Environmental Performance Review of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the twentieth in the series published by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. The report covers twelve issues of importance to Bosnia and Herzegovina, divided into three sections, including the framework for environmental policy, management of pollution and natural resources and economic and sectoral integration. Among the issues receiving special attention are the policy, legal and institutional framework, public participation in decision-making and access to information; the use and supply of water resources, including drinking water; land use, agriculture and biodiversity; management of waste and contaminated sites, eco-tourism and energy.



Information, public participation and education

The early years after the war may be generally characterized by inertia and unawareness on the part of the population and the authorities of the importance of applying environmental policy and regulations. Most people were not sufficiently aware and informed about the significance of adverse environmental impacts on their health, the environment and the country’s natural resource base. Fortunately, over the past few years, environmental issues have been receiving more and more attention from various levels of government. However, the increase of environmental awareness and competence of the authorities has not yet resulted in improved environmental awareness among the general public and better environmental behaviour by individuals.


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