Environmental Performance Reviews: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Second Review

image of Environmental Performance Reviews: Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Environmental Performance Reviews Programme is considered an important instrument for countries with economies in transition. The second round puts particular emphasis on implementation, integration, financing and the socio-economic interface with the environment. This report takes stock of the progress made by Bosnia and Herzegovina in the management of its environment since the country was first reviewed in 2004. It assesses the implementation of the recommendations in the first review (Annex I). It also covers nine issues of importance to Bosnia and Herzegovina concerning policymaking, planning and implementation, the financing of environmental policies and projects, and the integration of environmental concerns into economic sectors, in particular water management, waste management and forestry.



Implementation of international agreements and commitments

Since the first Environmental Performance Reviews (EPR), major steps have been taken to strengthen international cooperation and the participation of the country in international agreements. Since 2004, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has ratified seven conventions and two protocols (see annex II) and the Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents is in the process of being ratified. Although it was recommended in the first EPR, Bosnia and Herzegovina has still not acceded to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (Bonn Convention), or the protocols to the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP).


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