Environmental Performance Reviews: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Second Review

image of Environmental Performance Reviews: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

The first Environmental Performance Reviews (EPR) of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia was carried out in 2002. This second review intends to measure the progress made by the country in managing its environment and in addressing upcoming environmental challenges since the first EPR. To fight its difficult economic situation, after gaining its independence in 1991, the government carried out regulatory and structural reforms in order to correct its macroeconomic instability and facilitate the transition to a market economy. It pursued a range of economic reforms which were aimed at stimulating economic growth and improving the living standards of the population through development of the private sector, improvement of the investment climate and greater job creation.



Prevention and control of environmental pollution

Before the Law on Environment was enacted in 2005, with its provisions on integrated pollution prevention and control, companies in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia had very limited environmental permits. There was a permit for water use, indicating that the water returned to the medium should be at least of the same quality of the water at intake. There were no permits for air emissions or for solid waste production. Companies dealing with chemicals had permits for import and use, but not for disposal of products.


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