Environmental Performance Reviews: Republic of Moldova

Second Review

image of Environmental Performance Reviews: Republic of Moldova

This report takes stock of the progress made by the Republic of Moldova in the management of its environment since the country was first reviewed in 1998, in particular in the implementation of the recommendations of the first review. It also covers eight issues of importance to the Republic of Moldova.

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Economic instruments and environmental funds

Economic instruments of environmental policy include environmentally-related taxes and pollution charges. The first Environmental Performance Review (EPR) was produced on the basis of the information available until March 1998. The then existing legislation related to the natural resource and land use taxes; the road use tax on international transport and payments for environmental pollution continued to be effective. The 1998 Law on Payments for Environmental Pollution introduced ad valorem levies on imported cars and fuels. Additional import levies on selected environmentally damaging products were legislated in 2002. The natural resource, road use and excise taxes are collected by the State tax service and customs administration while emission charges and fines are collected by territorial ecological inspectorates and allocated to local environmental funds. In some cases (ad valorem levies on imported fuel and other environmentally damaging products), the revenue is collected by the customs administration with the aid of officers from the State ecological inspectorate and earmarked for the National Environmental Fund (NEF).

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