Environmental Performance Reviews: Romania

First Review

image of Environmental Performance Reviews: Romania

The focus of the ECE review programme is to help countries in transition to improve their individual and collective performance in environmental management. The ultimate goal is the promotion of sustainable development and the convergence of environmental conditions and policies throughout Europe. These reviews present a detailed study of countries’ environmental position and examines: the framework for environmental policy and management; the management of pollution and natural resources; economic and sectoral integration featuring environmental concerns in agriculture and food processing, the transport of oil products and human health.



Environmental information and public participation in decision-making

As a country in transition, Romania is facing deep structural, economic, social and institutional changes. The switch to a democratic public debate leads to high levels of uncertainty in nearly every field of social endeavour, with a specific stress on material organization and economic problems. In this context, it is hard to estimate objectively the relative importance of the environment for public opinion.


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