Environmental Performance Reviews: Tajikistan

First Review

image of Environmental Performance Reviews: Tajikistan

Environmental Performance Reviews promote sustainable development throughout Europe. They present detailed studies on the environmental position of each country and examine the framework for environmental policy and management. This evaluation focuses on Tajikistan.

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Biodiversity and forest management

Tajikistan is located in Central Asia, in the mountain desert zone of the Eurasian continent. The natural landscape carries a rich biodiversity because of the large variation in vegetation zones created by a combination of latitude zoning and vertical belts, ranging from hot deserts and subtropics to permafrost and glaciers. The geological structure of Tajikistan is complex and its geodiversity, therefore, high. Tajikistan is subdivided into five natural zones, or geosystems: foothill plain; low mountain and valley; mid-high mountain, light forest and forest; high mountain; and high mountain snow and glacier. The mountain landscapes cover 93% of Tajikistan. The flora and fauna consist of 23,000 known species, of which 1,932 are endemic.

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