Environmental Performance Reviews: Ukraine

Second Review

image of Environmental Performance Reviews: Ukraine

This second Environmental Performance Review of Ukraine was carried out seven years after the first Review in 1999. It intends to measure the progress made by the country in managing its environment since then, and in addressing upcoming environmental challenges.

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Information, public participation and education

In response to the recommendations of its first environmental performance review (EPR), Ukraine has made efforts to better coordinate environmental observations by adopting regulations clarifying the responsibilities of numerous institutions involved in environmental data collection and establishing an interdepartmental mechanism to facilitate dialogue and information exchange. Specific databases have been established on issues such as air and water monitoring. Since 2003, coordinated monitoring systems have been developing at the oblast level. This development has a potential to lead to the consolidation of territorial systems into a coherent and comprehensive monitoring system at the national level that is based on harmonized data methodologies and procedures and yields environmental information used in policy planning and decision-making.

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