Environmental Performance Reviews: Uzbekistan

Second Review

image of Environmental Performance Reviews: Uzbekistan

This is the second Environmental Performance Review (EPR) of Uzbekistan published by UNECE. The report takes stock of the progress made by Uzbekistan in the management of its environment since the country was first reviewed in 2001. It assesses the implementation of the recommendations in the first review (Annex I). It also covers nine issues of importance to Uzbekistan concerning policymaking, planning and implementation, the financing of environmental policies and projects, and the integration of environmental concerns into economic sectors, in particular water management, land management, energy and climate change. The report places particular emphasis on climate change and water, as the country gives a high priority to this issue.

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Economic instruments and expenditures for environmental protection

The first Environmental Performance Review (EPR) of 2001 described the system of regulatory and economic instruments available for environmental purposes. These included emission charges (air pollution, wastewater discharges and waste disposal), user charges, taxes on the extraction and use of natural resources and penalties and compensation for environmental damage. The legal basis for economic instruments and payments for nature protection is established in the 1992 Law on Nature Protection. Article 33 of the Law lists all these instruments, including the possibility of using tax advantages and credit subsidies for the introduction of resourcesaving technologies.

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