Indicators of Sustainable Development

Guidelines and Methodologies

image of Indicators of Sustainable Development
This publication presents the third set of Indicators of Sustainable Development and provides suggestions on how to adapt them to national conditions and priorities. It benefits from the active participation of and excellent collaboration with, a wide range of governments, international organizations, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations and individual experts. This edition aims to further the momentum at the national and international level to develop and apply sustainable development indicators and to help the understanding of the various dimensions of sustainable development and their complex interactions and the facilitation of policy decisions for achieving sustainable development goals.



Overview of the revised CSD indicators of sustainable development

The newly revised CSD indicators contain a core set of 50 indicators. These core indicators are part of a larger set of 96 indicators of sustainable development. The introduction of a core set helps to keep the indicator set manageable, whereas the larger set allows the inclusion of additional indicators that enable countries to do a more comprehensive and differentiated assessment of sustainable development. Core indicators fulfill three criteria. First, they cover issues that are relevant for sustainable development in most countries. Second, they provide critical information not available from other core indicators. Third, they can be calculated by most countries with data that is either readily available or could be made available within reasonable time and costs. Conversely, indicators that are not part of the core are either relevant only for a smaller set of countries, provide complementary information to core indicators or are not easily available for most countries.


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