IOM outlook on migration, environment and climate change

image of IOM outlook on migration, environment and climate change
IOM Outlook on Migration, Environment and Climate Change aims to bring together in one easy-to-access reference document the knowledge accrued by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and to present IOM’s role, understanding and approach to environmental migration. This reference publication builds on IOM’s expertise on the topic at the policy, research, international migration law, advocacy and operational levels. The publication targets a broad external audience, including but not limited to policymakers, practitioners, researchers, international agencies, private sector, donors, students and think tanks.



IOM institutional engagement on migration, environment and climate change

In line with IOM’s comprehensive approach to human mobility, the Organization pursues three broad objectives in managing environmental migration, intervening at each stage of the migration cycle: a) to minimize forced and unmanaged migration as much as possible; b) where forced migration does occur, to ensure assistance and protection for those affected and to seek durable solutions; and c) to facilitate the role of migration as an adaptation strategy to climate change.


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