Mainstreaming Climate-Related Disaster Risk Reduction in Agriculture and Food Sectors in Eastern Africa

Analytical Report

image of Mainstreaming Climate-Related Disaster Risk Reduction in Agriculture and Food Sectors in Eastern Africa

The eastern Africa sub-region has recurrently experienced climate-induced food insecurity crises. Their magnitude and frequency have been rising. To illustrate, the number of people affected by droughts has been multiplied seven folds, between the 1980 average decadal baseline and 2011. Floods and landslides also present rising impacts. To address the issues, countries have set up institutions for disaster risk management (DRM). However, prevailing hindrances affect their effectiveness. This report thus recommends seven main priority intervention aspects for climate resilient agriculture and food sectors in the sub-region: (1) making early warning effective for early action in agriculture; (2) addressing population dynamics and constraints on natural resources; (3) developing risk-informed sector-specific DRM plans; (4) financial resource allocation and mobilization; (5) linking the development and humanitarian efforts; (6) transcending socio-cultural barriers; and (7) agro-ecologically appropriate infrastructure development and technology transfer. Otherwise, the magnitude of climate-induced food crises will escalate to unbearable levels.




Climate related disasters remain a major threat for sustainable development in general, as well as agriculture and food security in eastern Africa. The impacts in the sub-region have been increasing and mainly related to droughts, floods and landslides. Average decadal numbers of people affected by droughts continuously increased, and they were multiplied seven folds between the 1980 baseline and the 2011 records. By 2015, at least 157 million people have been affected by droughts since 1971. Floods and landslides are the second major category that affected an important number of people.


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