Mainstreaming Environment and Climate for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development

A Handbook to Strengthen Planning and Budgeting Processes

image of Mainstreaming Environment and Climate for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development

This handbook is designed as guidance for policymakers and practitioners to mainstream pro-poor environment and climate concerns into planning, budgeting and monitoring. Mainstreaming is achieved by putting poverty-environment issues at the heart of government—in other words, by taking these issues into mainstream economic decision-making processes, particularly the national and sub national planning and budgeting processes led by ministries of finance, planning and local government, and supported by ministries of environment.



Guidance note on integrating environment-linked poverty concerns into planning, budgeting and monitoring processes

The contribution of ENR to the wealth of nations and to human well-being, particularly in low-income countries, plays a vital role in promoting pro-poor economic growth. In 43 countries classified as low-income, natural capital makes up 36 per cent of total wealth (WAVES 2012). In lower-middle-income countries, natural capital makes up 25 per cent of total wealth (Canuto and Cavallari 2012). Significant percentages of the population, particularly the poor, in these low- and lower-middle-income countries depend on ENR for their livelihoods and income (WAVES 2012). With rapid economic growth over the past two decades, increasing pressure on ENR is eroding the natural asset base of the poor. The vulnerability of the poor is further magnified by the high and increasing incidence of natural disasters such as droughts and floods, and the impacts of climate change. If these trends continue, the significant development gains made by countries over the past two decades will be reversed.


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