Policy Coherence of the Sustainable Development Goals

A Natural Resource Perspective

image of Policy Coherence of the Sustainable Development Goals

This report examines the resource interlinkages and potential trade-offs in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It shows how and why the SDGs need to be pursued together, as a whole, if sustainable development is to be achieved. It also identifies the kinds of resource-related factors that decision-makers will need to take into account in formulating policies and actions for implementing the SDGs, that will need to bring about fundamental shifts in current production systems and consumption patterns.



Seeking synergies, avoiding trade-offs

The SDG framework provides an opportunity to transform the international debate about sustainable development and take it beyond the usual question of trade-offs between environment and development. Strong links between various goals and targets provide opportunities for cobenefits and other synergies between different Goals, while the need to make progress on all the SDGs together offers an opportunity to avoid the all-too-common experience of “sacrificing” one desirable outcome to reach another.


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