Policy Coherence of the Sustainable Development Goals

A Natural Resource Perspective

image of Policy Coherence of the Sustainable Development Goals

This report examines the resource interlinkages and potential trade-offs in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It shows how and why the SDGs need to be pursued together, as a whole, if sustainable development is to be achieved. It also identifies the kinds of resource-related factors that decision-makers will need to take into account in formulating policies and actions for implementing the SDGs, that will need to bring about fundamental shifts in current production systems and consumption patterns.



Key Considerations for Policy Formulation and Action

At the United Nations Millennium Summit in 2000, world leaders adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These eight goals committed the international community to achieving a variety of specified development targets by the year 2015, mainly aimed at removing the worst manifestations of poverty in developing countries. Over the past fifteen years, governments and UN agencies have devoted significant attention and finance towards the achievement of these goals, with varying degrees of success. The term for implementing the MDGs comes to an end in September 2015.


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