Product Sustainability Information

State of Play and Way Forward

image of Product Sustainability Information

This report analyses information and communication about PSI. It provides an overview of the current state in the area of PSI, analyses the key trends, drivers and challenges in this field, and draws policy recommendations on how to facilitate better decision-making on the sustainability aspects of products.



Discussion and recommendations

Charting the vast array of stakeholders, their initiatives and the multitude of tools they have developed is not a trivial task, and a short report cannot capture all details. We should not be surprised about the complexity; at the start of the second chapter, we tried to summarise the fundamental complexity around sustainability information based on LCA, as mentioned in the introduction. When we add a description of stakeholders and actual tools, we add additional complexity, as stakeholders generally have a tendency to work for their own interests and the tools frequently have a deliberate focus and, thus, reduced scope. Very few actors have a complete overview, and creating one is what we tried to do in this report.


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