Regional State of the Coast Report

Western Indian Ocean

image of Regional State of the Coast Report

The Regional State of Coast Report for the western Indian Ocean (WIO) is the first comprehensive regional synthesis to provide insights into the enormous economic potential around the WIO, the consequential demand for marine ecosystem goods and services to match the increasing human population, the pace and scale of environmental changes taking place in the region and the opportunities to avoid serious degradation in one of the world’s unique and highly biodiverse oceans.



Coastal mining and its influence on coastline stability

In UNEP/ Nairobi Convention Secretariat (2009) it is reported that the coastal regions of Sub-Saharan Africa are generally endowed with non-renewable mineral resources such as pyrochlore, gypsum, barites, iron ore, clay, apetite, galena, manganese and semi-precious stones. These occur where geological processes have contributed to concentrating certain deposits with examples being the rich diamond fields off the southern African west coast and the titaniumrich dune fields and sandy shores of various parts of East Africa including Madagascar. It is further reported in UNEP/ Nairobi Convention Secretariat (2009) that the geological exploration of the WIO region is far from comprehensive so that unknown deposits are likely to exist. In cases where mining for minerals is indeed undertaken, there are reported examples of major environmental changes.


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