Regional State of the Coast Report

Western Indian Ocean

image of Regional State of the Coast Report

The Regional State of Coast Report for the western Indian Ocean (WIO) is the first comprehensive regional synthesis to provide insights into the enormous economic potential around the WIO, the consequential demand for marine ecosystem goods and services to match the increasing human population, the pace and scale of environmental changes taking place in the region and the opportunities to avoid serious degradation in one of the world’s unique and highly biodiverse oceans.



Overall assessment of the state of the coast in the Western Indian Ocean

This chapter offers an overall view of the state of the coast in the western Indian Ocean (WIO), by integrating the four sectorial assessments and following the Drivers – Pressures – State – Impact – Response (DPSIR) methodology. It analyses the current condition of ecosystems, resources, services and human activities and their expected evolution (state and trends) in response to root causes that drive change (drivers), further highlighting the ways these factors act on the environment and human related dependencies (pressures) and their expected outcome on the environment and livelihoods (impacts). Human societies adapt by acting on the drivers and pressures (responses) to mitigate impacts, aiming to maintain state of the environment or reverse negative trends. This chapter further condenses and provides sectorial recommendations.


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