Sustainable Consumption and Production

A Handbook for Policymakers (Global Edition)

image of Sustainable Consumption and Production

A Handbook for Policymakers, developed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), provides a comprehensive introduction to developing policy for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP). Part A provides an introduction to SCP and the policy cycle, and reviews various policy tools and instruments available to policymakers. The rapidly growing consumption and production trends across the world are examined, highlighting the urgent need for a transition towards SCP. Part B focuses on specific policy opportunities for cleaner and safer production, sustainable lifestyles, sustainable cities, sustainable public procurement and sustainable tourism, showcasing a number of inspiring and successful SCP policies and initiatives from across the world. This publication highlights opportunities for the transition towards SCP, a key element in achieving sustainable development.



Redefining education for SCP

This chapter has been written with the intention not only to highlight the well-understood role of education in facilitating development of SCP systems but, most importantly, to argue for redefining the whole notion of education. We need to go beyond designated processes (e.g. training activities and educational programmes) and places (classroom and out of class areas where learning explicitly takes place) and develop and test new actions for reducing social, environmental and economic vulnerability. Ultimately, it demonstrates that the challenge of learning goes beyond the domain of formal educational systems and programmes, touching all aspects of life, all sectors and every region.


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