The Asia-Pacific Disaster Report 2012

Reducing Vulnerability and Exposure to Disasters

image of The Asia-Pacific Disaster Report 2012
The main message of this publication is that exposure and vulnerability continue to be twin challenges for the region. Faced with growing economic losses and increasingly vulnerable populations, and inspired by good practices in reducing social vulnerability, the publication analyzes the drivers of risks and the strategies that are in place to deal with these growing risks.



Scaling up vulnerability reduction

The socio-economic gains from growth across the region have been dramatic, despite their having been uneven. Consequently, considerable progress has been achieved in implementing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA). Yet human casualties and economic losses from disasters have continued to increase, with negative effects on the growth potential of affected countries and the human development capacities of their populations. This suggests that people’s vulnerabilities to hazards continue to rise, and economic and social vulnerabilities are closely interlinked. There is now an urgency to manage disaster risks within an overarching sustainable development framework.


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