The Asia-Pacific Disaster Report 2012

Reducing Vulnerability and Exposure to Disasters

image of The Asia-Pacific Disaster Report 2012
The main message of this publication is that exposure and vulnerability continue to be twin challenges for the region. Faced with growing economic losses and increasingly vulnerable populations, and inspired by good practices in reducing social vulnerability, the publication analyzes the drivers of risks and the strategies that are in place to deal with these growing risks.



Harnessing innovative technologies

This chapter explores the demonstrated potentials of emerging innovative technologies in relation to disaster risk reduction as discussed in the previous chapters. It illustrates the use of information products from innovative technologies such as near real-time Earth observation satellite images, satellite broadband communications, geo-referenced information systems and social media, among others. In the specific contexts cited, the examples showcase how satellite imagery can assist in analyzing economic impacts of disasters by providing crucial information in the analysis of their disruptions to supply chains. Further information is provided for users to access existing regional and international cooperation mechanisms for assistance and use of applicable products and services emanating from innovative technologies.


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