The Asia-Pacific Disaster Report 2017

Leave No One Behind - Disaster Resilience for Sustainable Development

image of The Asia-Pacific Disaster Report 2017

This report examines the state of resilience of the region vis-à-vis the goals and targets relating to disaster risk reduction. It highlights some of the tools and approaches for resilience-building focusing on those that could possibly offer transformative shifts to achieve those goals and targets. Finally, it offers a reflection on the way forward for the region, including specific regional action that could be prioritized to support efforts by countries to achieve resilience to disasters and the whole 2030 Agenda.



Impacts on poverty and inequality

The extent of disaster damage is closely connected with poverty. The poorest communities tend to live in places and conditions that expose them to natural hazards so are least able to withstand disaster impacts. At the same time, disasters destroy many of their already meagre assets, increasing inequality and trapping people in poverty that can be transmitted from one generation to the next. As expressed in the Sustainable Development Goals, reducing disaster risk and reducing poverty and inequality are part of the same process.


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