The Importance of Mangroves to People

A Call to Action

image of The Importance of Mangroves to People

This publication provides a timely synthesis of the importance of mangroves to people. It highlights that in spite of the mounting evidence in support of the multitude of benefits derived from mangroves, they remain one of the most threatened ecosystems on the planet, being lost at a rate greater than coral reefs and tropical rain forests. This has potentially devastating effects to mangrove biodiversity and in turn, the food security, protection and livelihoods of some of the most marginalized coastal communities in developing countries, where more than 90 percent of the world’s mangroves are found.



Key messages

Mangroves and their associated biodiversity help to deliver important goods and services that play a critical role in supporting human well-being through climate regulation, food security and poverty reduction. Over 100 million people live within 10 kilometres of large mangrove forests, benefiting from a variety of goods and services including fisheries and forest products, clean water and protection against erosion and extreme weather events. These ecosystem services are worth an estimated US$33-57 thousand per hectare per year to the national economies of developing countries with mangroves.


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