Our Planet

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UNEP’s quarterly magazine Our Planet features authoritative articles on the theme of environment and development by world scientific and political leaders. Each issue of Our Planet concentrates on one specific theme, tying into international conferences, meetings (the Commission on Sustainable Development), events (World Environment Day), or dealing with issues of our time (Water or Climate Change). Our Planet reports on international developments and action. It reviews current thinking, suggests solutions, and debates the key issues of environmentally sustainable development.


Towards zero-pollution cities

Air pollution is a global killer and predominantly an urban one. Worldwide, about 7 million premature deaths are associated with indoor and outdoor air pollution by fine particulate matter. Most occur in urban areas where a majority of people now live, breathing air that can cause asthma, respiratory infections, high blood pressure, heart and lung disease, and cancer. Diverse cities – rich, poor, small, large, developed and developing – are reporting airborne levels of these particles that exceed the World Health Organization’s clean air guidelines: some of the most polluted air, and the heaviest toll on human lives, occur in Asia.


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