UNCTAD Toolbox: Delivering Results

image of UNCTAD Toolbox: Delivering Results

The UNCTAD Toolbox contains information on our technical cooperation products that can assist countries in putting in place the policies, regulations and institutional frameworks and in mobilizing the resources needed to fulfil the ambitions of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.



Transforming economies, fostering sustainable development

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals requires building productive capacity and transforming economies by shifting resources to more productive and sustainable sectors and enhancing their competitiveness. Investment, trade and technology are important channels for achieving economic diversification and structural transformation. Trade and trade-related investment, combined with technology upgrading, could enable countries to improve productivity, develop productive capacities and climb regional and global value chains. UNCTAD technical cooperation helps developing countries attract foreign direct investment towards sectors that could lead to structural transformation and better integration into regional and global value chains, and foster the nexus between trade, productive capacity and employment, while integrating sustainable development objectives at all levels. It also supports countries in integrating into the multilateral trading system, formulating services- driven development strategies, developing electronic commerce (e-commerce) and the digital economy, promoting sustainable trade and leveraging science, technology and innovation for productive capacity-building.


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