World Investment Report 2010

Investing in a Low-Carbon Economy

image of World Investment Report 2010

The World Investment Report 2010 marks its 20th anniversary edition and draws attention to investing in a low-carbon economy. The report illustrates global and regional trends in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) followed by recent policy developments. Global FDI witnessed a modest, but uneven recovery in the first half of 2010. This sparks some cautious optimism for FDI prospects in the short run and for a full recovery in the future. Developing and transitional economies attracted half of global FDI inflows, and invested one quarter of global FDI outflows. Overcoming barriers remains a key challenge to attract FDI for small, vulnerable and weak economies. The chapter on leveraging foreign investment for a low carbon economy describes characteristics and scope of low-carbon foreign investment; its drivers and determinants; strategies and policy options; and sums up with global partnership to further low-carbon investment for sustainable development.




The World Investment Report 2010 (WIR10) was prepared by a task force under the direction and management of James Zhan. The core task force members include Quentin Dupriez, Masataka Fujita, Thomas van Giffen, Michael Hanni, Fabrice Hatem, Kalman Kalotay, Joachim Karl, Ralf Krüger, Guoyong Liang, Sarianna Lundan, Anthony Miller, Hafiz Mirza, Nicole Moussa, Malte Schneider, Astrit Sulstarova, Elisabeth Tuerk, Jörg Weber and Kee Hwee Wee. Kiyoshi Adachi, Amare Bekele, Hamed El Kady, Jan Knörich, Abraham Negash, Lizzie Medrano, Matthias Maier, Shin Ohinata, Sergey Ripinsky, Diana Rosert, Christoph Spennemann, Yunsung Tark and Dong Wu also contributed to the Report.


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