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image of How Natural Gas can Support the Uptake of Renewable Energy

How Natural Gas can Support the Uptake of Renewable Energy

There is a strong medium-to-long-term future for gas so long as it wholeheartedly embraces the energy transition and partners with renewables to produce carbon-free products, notably hydrogen, whilst embracing carbon capture and storage (CCS). Gas...
image of Le Courrier de l'UNESCO, Juillet-Septembre 2019

Le Courrier de l'UNESCO, Juillet-Septembre 2019

Avec ce dossier, le Courrier entend ouvrir une piste de réflexion sur ces aspects moins connus du plus grand défi planétaire de notre époque. Car parallèlement aux questions scientifiques qui font la une de tous les médias, les questions de justice...

Household Vulnerability to Food Security in the Face of Climate Change in Paraguay

Climate change may have devastating effects on agricultural productivity and food security, impacting significantly the poorest households. In this study, we analyse the effect climate change is expected to have on agricultural productivity, caloric...

Climate-Change Vulnerability in Rural Zambia

This paper examines the impacts of the El Niño during the 2015/2016 season on maize productivity and income in rural Zambia. The analysis aims at identifying whether and how sustainable land management (SLM) practices and livelihood diversification...

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