After Oppression

Transitional Justice in Latin America and Eastern Europe

image of After Oppression
The decline of authoritarianism in Latin America and Eastern Europe marked the end of a dark chapter in the history of these societies. In both regions, transition to democracy was accompanied by distinct efforts to come to terms with the traumatic experiences of the past and to demand accountability from the oppressors. The impact of these efforts rippled far beyond national boundaries, expanding the frontiers of international justice, and yielding indelible lessons and inspiration.




This book developed out of an ongoing institutional collaboration across continents on the theory and practice of human rights. The publication of Human Rights Regimes in the Americas (UNU Press, 2010) enabled us to gain much knowledge about the crusade for human rights and the state of human rights practice on that continent. After Oppression is about the efforts of a wider set of people and groups to square up to the grim pasts of human rights violations. Broadly inspired by the lessons learned from Latin American experiences, it goes on to connect with the human rights decisions and actions that accompanied the Helsinki Process and the Velvet Revolutions in Eastern Europe.


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