Conscientious Objection to Military Service

image of Conscientious Objection to Military Service
This publication addresses sensitive topics such as selective conscientious objection to particular wars, conscientious objection for those who have volunteered to serve in the armed forces and conscientious objection for those in the reserves. For persons who are or may be conscripted into the armed forces, this book specifies issues relating to their right to know their rights in due time and the applicable procedures, decision-making processes for dealing with applications, and the requirements of a fair and impartial procedure. Concerning alternative service to military service for conscientious objectors, this book addresses the difference in treatment between non-combatant alternative service and civilian alternative service, as well as the length and conditions of alternative service and under what circumstances they may be different from the length and conditions of military service.



Conscientious objection: International human rights standards and jurisprudence

This chapter presents and analyses the international human rights standards on conscientious objection to military service, its relationship with the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and the requirements with regard to the provision of alternative service to the individual conscientious objector.


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