Freedom from Fear

This journal aims to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and awareness of the international community's priority issues in the field of justice, crime prevention and human rights. The Magazine pursues the promotion of innovative dialogue by spreading awareness, creating consensus and a sense of shared responsibility of the problems that affect the global community. As a forum for long-term change, the Magazine endeavors to promote democratic values, civil stability, and aid the international community in developing actions towards greater peace, justice and security for all members of social, civil and political society.


Contemporary racism across Europe

Developments in a number of countries worldwide show that the power of racist ideas remains strong, even forging movements and political parties that can result in deadly consequences. Various daily manifestations of racist hate speech and discrimination are a reminder of the persisting importance of this phenomenon as a social and political issue in the contemporary global environment, for racism remains a vibrant influence on current social and political movements, even on state policies. As one such timely example, the virulently anti-Semitic and racist Greek political party Golden Dawn combines both legal (running for elections) and illegal action (violently assaulting migrants) with a heavy nostalgia for the Third Reich. In Hungary, the Hungarian Guard, which is a paramilitary militia of the Jobbik party, terrorises the Roma people, even murdering some, forcing them to flee the country. A myriad of other examples could further be listed, which is why it is essential to develop a common culture of stigmatization of racism and promote a proactive role of community actors who can not only recognise and report these phenomena but also actively contrast racism, xenophobia, and related forms of intolerance throughout Europe.


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