Crushed Hopes

Underemployment and Deskilling among Skilled Migrant Women

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This report is a collective publication comprising a review of international literature on the subject of migrant deskilling and underemployment from a gender perspective and three empirical case studies from Switzerland, Canada and the United Kingdom. It explores the disproportionate difficulties skilled migrant women can face in transferring their skills and finding employment commensurate with their education when relocating to a new country. The case studies highlight situations in which migratory status and labour market dynamics can combine to constrain skilled and highly skilled migrant women to low-skilled occupations despite their often high human capital. They also analyse the impact that such occupational downgrading can have on migrant women’s well-being and the strategies that women can adopt to regain a professional status.



Resilience strategies used by immigrant women facing professional deskilling in Quebec: A literature review and a small-scale study

The aim of this study is to describe the identity and resilience strategies adopted by immigrant women faced with deskilling, in their attempt at social and professional integration in Quebec. Based on a review of relevant literature and research, the study examines how female migrant workers strategize their responses to the obstacles encountered when faced with deskilling, as well as the psychosocial elements that serve as the basis of these coping and reactive strategies. In particular, the paper outlines the methods and results of a research conducted in 2002 that analysed how deskilling is experienced from a psychosocial perspective, and described differences in individual experiences of deskilling related to particular cultural prisms.


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